Oct 26 2011
Emma Frost - Angel Hitomi
novità So many things to do and so few free time... !!! I really would like 36 hour-long days all life!! So what's new? Lucca Comics & Games yearly appointment has finally arrived!! I'm going there on Saturday and Sunday, wandering around with my Emma Frost costume! See you there at the con!! Kisses!!
Jul 25 2011
Emma Frost - Angel Hitomi
A photo preview of my new cosplay of Emma Frost from X-Man comic book, worn for ComisXAfrica last July 17.
Dec 25 2010
Xmas Pixie - Angel Hitomi
A special wish for 2010 Xmas and the upcoming 2011! Kisses!!
Nov 9 2010
Frau Blücher & Igor - Angel Hitomi
Waiting for the official photoset, here you are some pics taken during Lucca Comics & Games 2010, me as Frau Blücher and Stefano as Igor, from the movie Frankenstein Junior. That was the funniest cosplay I have ever done and I really hope you could enjoy these pics as well! Photos by Luigi Angelucci.
Sep 29 2010
I'm working on a new costume for my next event: Lucca Comics & Games 2010. I'll be at the convention on October 29 and 30! See you in a month!!!
Feb 27 2010
New gallery section has born: LIFE FRAMES that willl contain some shots taken during daily life moments (casual shots). I'm chosing the ones I prefer, I hope you like them too. Thanks above all the photographers.
Some links added.
Dec 13 2009
New cosplay photoset: Raina goddess of light, from Shaiya Light and Darkness.
By Luigi Angelucci photographer.

Oct 25 2009
Schedule page update with a Saturday at Lucca Comics and Games 2009, new links and next costume programmed: Frau Blücher from Frankestein Junior the movie.
Aug 22 2009
Link page updated.
Jul 30 2009
Event schedule updated.
Jun 17 2009
New Modeling Set "Chicago" taken by Kyle Johnsen.
Links page updated.
Jun 14 2009
Brandnew Modeling Set "San Diego" taken by Kyle Johnsen.
Profile page updated.
Apr 15 2009
Added three official wallpapers, new artworks from friends, cosplayer links and a new interview in Italian language for Minia's blog!
Mar 08 2009
Schedule updated with Milano Cartoomics convention.
New in Press & media page with some pics on "Fenomenal Cosplay" book and my interview for "2nd Design".
Fanarea section added with a Bénédict creation.
Added the link of the great Mary Plu Moon!
Dec 14 2008
New Official Wallpapers, new links and some pics added in Hildegard Cosplay report!
Dec 01 2008
New Modeling photo shoot: Sleeping Princess!
Oct 12 2008
Ahaha I'm welding!! XD I feel an electrician! Never thought to do also this for cosplay!! Eheheh!! By the way, I've updated with a fabulous portrait made by Bénédict, go to see it in my Fan Area section!! See you next time!
Oct 10 2008
New Official Wallpaper and six Links added!!
Jul 3 2008
New event in program updated in schedule section: Pisa Cosplay 2008 on July 13.
Mar 7 2008
Event Schedule section updated with two conventions: Ludicomics - Empoli and Cartoomics - Milan.

New links added !!!
Mar 3 2008
I've found on YouTube the last video of Stella Talk Show!!
You'll find the link on
Event Reports or in Press & Media sections!

A new wallpaper creation was born in Official Stuff, this time it was Hilda costume to inspire me the graphic!!

Bénédict gave me another beautiful gift!! Found it on Fan Area section!!

And new links added!!!
Feb 22 2008
New cosplay report online made by cosplay.com's Kyle Johnsen: Hildegard Valentine from Shadow Hearts from The New World!! We shot that report in Florence last October, I really hope you like it!!

Another cosplay report oline! Simone Lorène from Seine no Hoshi (The Star of the Seine) shot in November during the Lucca Comics & Games convention. The pics are by Bristol!! Enjoy them!!

Some new
links added.
Jan 23 2008
Online the report of my adventure on TV at STELLA program! I've added some pics and all the video found online!!
News also on Press & Media page!!!
Jan 20 2008
Finally online a new modeling photoreport, I know many friends were waiting for it! Personally I'm very proud of those pics and now I know how black hair would fit on me!!
DARK DOLL: you can find it at Modeling Sets!!

New beautiful CG of Radical Dreamer at Fan Area section!

In Press & Media, Rei Cat in 7fratelli's leaflet, for the Dinner Section of Wasabi Cafè.
Jan 14 2008
Today it have been confirmed my presence in Rome for this Thursday 17 as guest at Stella, a program of Maurizio Costanzo, on air on Sky Vivo channel 109, from 11am to 1pm (schedule for Italy).
We will talk about Cosplay, infact I will bring with me some costumes. If you are curious, you can also follow and interact from Sky website.
Dic 24 2007

Added a new wallpaper created by Bénédict in FanArea page!!
Dec 16 2007
This time here you are three different updates:
In press & media section, a new interview realized for the blog Waitmag, by Wait Photographer.
Two gift in fan area, they are CGs created by the artist Bénédict LeBlond.
At least, I've correct and added new links of cosplayer friends.
Stay tuned, because you'll find soon all the pics I've taken this summer at the enchanted Baviera villages!!!
Nov 23 2007
Added the last Lucca Comics & Games 2007 pictures on Event reports page!! I've taken this photos the days November 1 and 2. (You will also find Uematsu Nobuo pics during his conference!! @_@ )
Nov 7 2007
In Press & media section you'll find the link for the page of La Repubblica.it online newspaper, with the pics of Camilla Micheli's photo exhibition: ITAKU ITALIAN COSPLAY. The event is in Milan, Via Luigi Nono n. 7, until Novembre 9!

Lucca Comics & Games 2007 photos are available on Event reports page!!
Nov 5 2007
Added the new teaser about "2 COME LORO", realized for the project presentation during Lucca Comics & Games 2007 exhibition. It contains images from Italian and Japanese shots, togheter with Alessandro Valdrighi's drawings and music from "Fight" created by Yago. You can watch it in Press & Media section!
Oct 24 2007
October 29, Inhauguration day for the Photography Exhibition by Camilla Micheli:

The exhibition is from October 29 to November 9 at Polifemo - Fabbrica del Vapore Via Luigi Nono n. 7 - Milan.
FREE ENTRANCE! --> Click here for all the infos!
Oct 21 2007
Lucca Comics convention in near!!! Work work! I'm always late with new costumes!! :P
Well meanwhile here you are some pics taken this summer at Gente di Cartoonia live talkshow in Rome the night of July 29!
I've also updated a very very new section that is: Official Stuff!! Hope you will like the desktop wallpapers you can find inside !
Added a "2 come loro" animated video in press & media section.
And you will also find two new CG's made by Radical Dreamer and Paty!!
Sep 25 2007
Hola dears!! Here I am with some news after summer holidays!!
Asachi Momo report, directly from Peach Girl, has finallay came back!! 28 shots for you in cosplay atelier section.. follow the coloured animated harrows!
A new interview has appeared on CosplaySpain website! It's in English lang!
And more, I've added new friend links, some new infos on profile page, updated event schedule section and if you are interested, I'm selling some stuff on ebay!! ^__-

See you next update!!! Kisses!!
Jul 26 2007
I'm finally graduated!!! I've finished university and I'm a DOCTOR!! ..and in full holiday now, really and hardly working for update this site with very new things!!
First of all, a new trailer of "2 come loro" available on Press page! The title is "University" and shows Hitomi entering for the first time the Kyōto University (ehehe it seems I'm forced to study more!) of Art and Design, where I'll meet my new friends.
Then on 29 of July I'll be guest with "2 come loro" staff at GENTE DI CARTOONIA the CARTOON TALK SHOW presented by RAGGI FOTONICI, MARSILINIZIATIVE & CARTOON DAY. The show will begin at 9,30 pm in Rome, at Lungo Tevere Raffaello Sanzio, in front of Isola Tiberina.
Jul 1 2007
New voting poll for the Cosplay Contest of Rain Stars!! If you want, vote for me here!! ^^
Added on Press & Media page, three video of "2 come loro" project!! Plus a little restilish of the page!
Jun 3 2007
When over a year ago we and "2 come loro" staff, started on this wonderful adventure, we didn’t expect we’d arrive this far though we did hope so. It was really difficult to imagine we’d raise so much interest.
- Just a simple click! -
And you will able to seeo:
a draft of the ANIMATED INTRO
and a sample of the THEME "Fight" from the SOUNDTRACK.
Don't forget to leave a comment on our Guestbook!!

May 16 2007
New Italian interview for the Blog "Uncanny X-Man". Thanks to Francesco and his 29 questions!! ^__-

New links added and a little renew for Press & media page!
May 2 2007
Samples and infos about my first work as vocalist! It's incredible, one year has just passed since Eddie asked me to create something from his songs. " Spirit on the Dust" is an album that mixes many genders, from blues, to electronic, to lyric. It will be available soon for purchase.

New cosplay report! It belongs from a photo set of Chii, made by the photographer Maurizio Capra. Find it in cosplay atelier section, or direcly here!!!
Mar 18 2007
Other news for this sunny Sunday:
Coming out in April a mini acoustic-electronic album I've collaborated with, for Alight's Ed X-Crow. More infos on Event Schedule page.
Added a beautiful new cg made by Radical Dreamer, inspirated on Kamelot's "The Haunting", I really love this group by the way!! Thank you very much my dear friend! You can find it in Fan Area section!
Mar 15 2007
Here we are for some new updates:
In event reports you will find report and some pics about my adventure as model at February 28's Luxury Vintage Party of Florence.
At private reports page I've added some shots taken during a weekend around Venice's calli, finding also high water in San Marco!
And at least, in modeling sets, there are eight new shots, had during a sunny day at Sant'Elena's gardens.
Feb 27 2007
Added the article written by Davide Calì, appeared on February's Andersen magazine, about Cosplay, with pics and interviews. You can download and read it in press & media section.
On February 28, at Yab Discoteque in Florence, I'll enter as model the Fashion Show for Be-Have Urban Atelier vintage collection. Read the flyer on Events Schedule page.
Jan 31 2007
New Interview on Wings of Magic - Il Portale Aperto sul Mondo del Fantasy! Thanks to Marco Accordi
Jan 30 2007
Little update in fan area page, with a new CG made by Radical Dreamer on a pic of my last report.
Opened a cosplay gallery on manganime, thanks to Mika for invite me in her pages!
Jan 07 2007
Good Year my friends!! Is online a new photo report taken for a project I'm working on, called Ed-X Crow. It's a little different from every other pics taken since now, a little gothic and metal, ahahahah. I really hope you like! You will find it in Modeling Sets page!!
New friend links added on Links page!!
Dec 23 2006
Finally online the report of my adventure in Japan, from November 28 to December 5 to shoot the scenes of the Trailer. The report contains 150 pics chosen among the ones I took personally during the trip, sorry for the quality but I hope they can well represent our crazy journey. You can read it in Event Report section!
Also added two new banners if you want exchange your links!!

Kisses and.. Merry Christmas and Happy new year to everybody!!!
Dec 10 2006
After returning from our great Japan week (the report will come soon), this weekend we will shoot the last movies of the promo video of "2 Come Loro" project. Hope to see the trailer ready for the beginning of 2007!
Nov 27 2006
One day to the flight to Japan! Tomorrow morning at 10am, me and the staff of "2 Come Loro" project, will leave from Florence airport and arrive to Japan the morning after at 8.55am. The movie will start as soon as our arrival, in Ōsaka first and then in the ancient capital of Kyōto. I'll try to write something on my live journal if it's possible, so check it sometimes. Sayōnara!!
Nov 21 2006
November 21, at 4.10pm, Futura TV channel will broadcast a webcam interview about "2 Come Loro" project. I will be online with the staff, on L33T program. Rai Futura website is www.futuratv.rai.it
Nov 18 2006
Hi dears! Finally updates came back on this site! What's better than a new graphic then!? (tell me if you like!) You can find out every novelties surfing around these pages.
Some informations in advance of what you will find:
In event schedule, a detailed description about a project I was asked to enter, called "2 come loro" (here's the official web page for details). Thanks to this, I'll be in Japan for a week from November 28, to film the promo of a future film or tv series, about the life of a girl and a boy leaving to Japan to begin a new life. Will I be able to play well, will I be up to producer expectations? I don't know but I'll sure give my best!
Moguri cosplay new pics , a photo report I had to shoot long ago, in 2002 to be exact, and now here it is!
A new modeling set shot for "2 Come Loro" project.

And more, interviews, reports, links, new sections, but not always will be available yet.. it's difficult to create a new site, totally different, with few freetime at disposal, but I'm doing my best to finish it as soon as possible. So stay tuned!

A kiss, see you