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First of all I have to thank Susy, the owner of Be-Have Urban Atelier who introduced me in this adventure, inviting me weeks ago to join the fashion show at Yab Discoteque in Florence. Togheter with Be-Have, two other designers were listed for the upcoming show.
The night of 27, me and Cri drove towards the club for the reharseals. Susy showed my dress, a vintage pinstripe black suit. Everybody there was busy, models, designers and staff members. There were a lot high girls.. I felt very very short with my meter and 64 centimetres!! :P
Our task as models was walking on a red puffy carpet platform layed in the middle of the main smooth hall... so hard avoid to slid or fall down, in particular for a beginner like I am!
The night after we arrived around 9 pm, the show was expected for midnight.
I stay for long time in our privè and during guests dinner I spent a lot of time waiting for make up artists girls and coiffeurs.
Be-Have girls were 21, for 21 dresses. We had to parade according to our dress colour, black suits were the last ones, so I was 15th.
15-20 second of parade, along a full people covered corridor, my mind was too concentrate to not fall down rather then notice all the persons around!
I'm not very used on such parties, but I think the show has obtained a good success: the club was totally full and designers seemed satisfied. It was a great emotion, a new experience for me, and really hope I will be able to have other similar opportunities, even if.. well.. I now I'm not very "tall" for platforms parades! :P

yours Hitomi in pinstripe
   Thanks to:
Susy from Be-Have
Cri for being with me in this little adventure and for all the pics he took, even without a good light inside the club
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