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"Gente Di Cartoonia" is a live talk show created by RAGGI FOTONICI, MATITANIMATA & CARTOON DAY that every summer Sunday, in Rome, gives the occasion to speak about cartoon, cosplay, music, artists, designers, dubbers and more.
That night I was a guests for "2 come loro" project togheter with Yago (I was in Moguri version). Raggi Fotonici, the artists Passepartout and Alessandro Valdrighi, the dubblers Fabrizio Mazzotta (Simpson & Pollon) and Lidia Perrone (American Dad, Hotel Bordemer) were the other guests. Mario Bellina from Raidue was the speaker for that night.
The show was really funny, we had great udience around. We talked about many themes, including our project, we laught a lot, sung cartoon songs and at the end, togheter with the people around, we tried to create a short cartoon story with caricatures of me and Yago, created by Passepartout and Alessandro Valdrighi. All this was spaced first by the passage of a religious procession along the river and then by fireworks that seemed to boycott the course of our show, all the scene was too exhilarating!
Here you are some pics taken by Francesca, Alessandro's girlfriend (who thank so much!), during the show!! Enjoy them!!

yours mog Hitomi
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