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Luigi Angelucci, Kyle Johnsen, Lord Ashram, Camilla Micheli, Maurizio Capra.
Booking me?
I'm available for serious offers only, for photo shots, conventions, interviews, singing attendance, etc. unreleated to nude, erotic or pornographic contents.
Travel expenses and accomodations paid when necessary.
For long trips, expenses covered for a companion may be required.
All infos, location, schedule, payment and other details will be personally discussed by email.
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What is cosplay?
Cosplay (abbreviation of Costume Play) is a word used in Japan during the early '80 for Comiket in particular. "Making cosplay" takes his origin from Sci-Fi American conventions and European Reinaissance fairs. Its "dressing for fun" or "play a role in costume" meanings, indicate the hobby to wear costumes of characters from anime, manga, games, fantasy world, j-pop, films ect..
What about your nick?
Angel because I adore winged creatures; Hitomi belongs from my second cosplay of Kanzaki Hitomi. The word Hitomi also means "eyes, pupils, glance" in Japanese kanji.
Why do you make cosplay?
Absolutely for fun! I'm a very creative person and cosplay permits me to concretize my artistic abilities, like sewing, drawing, creating accessories, perform characters, work with webgraphic and modeling.. With cosplay I could win part of my shyness, staying in contact with other persons and also had and have many many opportunities to find new friends and meet people from all the word.
Thanks to Cosplay too, I could be a guest for conventions, photo sets or other activities.
I always live this passion like a great emotion. Everyone has a hobby.. this is mine.. and if you are thinking I'm weird.. you may be right! :D
What is the real colour of your eyes?
A mix of blue, grey and green, it depends on the weather (in winter if it's claudy and cold, they seem grey or green, on the contrary when the weather is sunny and the sky is blue, they seem blue too!). For Momo cosplay, I used light-brown fawn contact lenses!
Who create your costumes and accessories?
Now it's me! When I started cosplay in '98 I cannot sew at all but, as time passed by, I attended sewing lessons by a super taylor-master, so I began to sew the most of the costumes you see. All the accessories are hand made, I created them using the freakest and most improbable materials!! This is absolutely the funniest side of cosplay!
Would you sell your costumes or take commissions?
I do not sell my costumes, because I'm really devoted to them. I usually work very very hard to create one, always using the best materials and fabrics (and they cost a lot..). I'm really sorry then, but don't ask me for selling, I wouldn't accept. About commissions: I don't usually have enough time to do anything during my days, so cannot sew costume for other persons (..neither I'm a very good tailor!)
I'd like to have a link exchange.. what should I do?
I would be very glad about it! So please e-mail me to advice about it and I will be glad to add your link too! To link me you can find banners in "link to AH" page or simply linking me at my address
Who is the webmaster of
I am the webmaster, I have learned html language and graphic working on this site for years, I never did a page before and I needed some help in the begin. At the moment I'm able to program html sites and people have started asking me commissions so now I'm working on different projects showned on my page: AH I always try to build pages according to my tastes, so I hope you appreciate it too! I work with Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Photoshop.
Some special thanks to:
Who always believes in me despite of my pessimism!! XD