Google +
Google Plus social network project.
Community for real-time short messaging service.
Keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about friends adding a lot of applications.
E-Bay Auctions
All my current auctions online.
Live Msn Chat
with the address
** DON'T SEND EMAILS at this address, use the ones you'll find here!!
Cure Livedoor
Japanese cosplay community site (コスプレ写真の閲覧, ファンレター送信, ファンクラブ入会, 写真のプレゼント, イベント予定表, 掲示板...).
International cosplayer community with cosplay and private photogalleries battles, convention plans, store, forum and other.
Cos Space
Cosplayers Worldwide Community for pics, blogs, friends, battles, polls, groups, events and more other.
Cosplay Lab
One-stop shop for maintaining own entire costume collection, organize cosplay skits and photoshoots, meet other cosplayers, get info on upcoming anime conventions, and way more.
AC Paradise
American Cosplay Paradise community contains female cosplayer pics, convention plans, videos, forums, contests and a plaza where sell and find costumes & accessories.
Virgilio community
A program to make and receive calls from people around the world, with chat and webcam. You'll find me under the nick: angelhitomi or the mail address: .